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I first started building this page about four years ago while sitting at my office job. I have other sites, but I can't remember the URLs of most of them. One of my other sites under another name was deleted by the host. (I'm not going to mention any names, but obviously is not the ONLY free host in the world.)

Anyway, this site is being developed as an atheist/humanist/skeptic area with a humorous theme. I'm sure if they weren't already considered evil by people who are their own best argument against evolution, I could easily be accused of giving atheists a bad name. In addition to championing an issue I feel is important, the separation of church and state, I intend to indulge in blatant self-promotion--assuming I can get a government grant.

I'm sure if you've noticed the color scheme of this site you will understand why I decided not to choose interior design as a career. In the weeks and months to come I hope to be adding more information and entertainment*. But of course, that's what I said on my 8 jillion other sites all over the Internet.

Not that you asked, but below are a couple of pictures taken in October of 2000 when I was talked into climbing Mt. Kearsarge in New Hampshire or Vermont or wherever. When I reached the top I was surrounded by "sensitive" people sitting on blankets reading poetry. Needless to say, I ran back down as fast as I could.

*Should you actually find me entertaining, avoid direct sunlight and consult your physician immediately.

Click here for information about the movie "The Beast" now in production:

Below you will find cute, "chatty" stuff I cannibalized from another of my 8 jillion websites:

Favorite quotes:

"Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it."
-- Tallulah Bankhead

"When I told the people of Northern Ireland that I was an atheist, a woman in the audience stood up and said, 'Yes, but is it the God of the Catholics or the God of the Protestants
in whom you don't believe?"
-- Quentin Crisp

"The beauty is STILL on duty!"
-- Little Richard

"People will become liberated left and right. Either that or we'll all move to Jersey."
-- my friend, Carol "Ozone" Cohen, Boston, Mass., June something-or-other, 1981, at around 4:00AM.

"God is dead, but given the way men are, there may still be caves for thousands of years in which his shadow will be shown. And we--we still have to vanquish his shadow, too."
-- Nietzsche


A shameless attempt on my part to make a few bucks:
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Considering I've dislayed this logo for at least 4 years and haven't made a bloody quid/dollar/rial/rupee/seashell
it has turned out to be more of a fruitless attempt to make a few bucks.

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In the meantime, here are a list of links to some of the sites I frequent, raid or recommend:

Shick Brithouse Website: My alter ego. The site is similar to this one, only worse.

Freethought Radio: More than just atheist/humanist/skeptic radio broadcasts.

Atheists Anonymous Chatroom: Please do not blame Atheists Anonymous for the annoying background color of the chatroom page. It was entirely my idea.

The Godlessheathen Home Page A virtual smorgasbord of atheist and freethought links, including those dealing with kids' and atheist womens' issues. (OK, I won't lie to you. I had to look up the word "smorgasbord".) The guestbook has the to-be-expected rantings of pathetic idiots expressing their bigotry and misguided sense of righteousness along with the praise from fans. You can obtain many more links to other atheist websites from the signers. This site was created by and for refugees from the now-defunct Ask Jeeves forums. Participants pose and answer questions concerning a wide variety of subjects.

Jewish Humanist Congregation of London: And what would a self-respecting atheist site do without a few mad Brits?

Praise, complaints, propositions, bribes should be directed to: XaurreauX

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Atheists Meet-up
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This site is a member of WebRing.
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No animals were harmed during the production of this website.
The webmaster, however, was deeply traumatized.